Should I see a Physical Therapist to maximize my Athletic Performance?

The answer is a resounding YES! If you want to move better, feel better, and perform better, look no further than our movement experts at HIM. We will look at each athlete individually to give you the best programming possible to have you perform at your best!

Athletic Training

We provide on-site practice and game coverage, comprehensive athletic injury management, consistent communication with entire medical team and family, acute injury evaluation, emergency medical care, and concussion management for many schools in the North Central Wisconsin region. Ask your school about how we can help keep athletes safely playing the games they love!

Athletic Performance

Do you want to be faster? Do you want to be a better all-around athlete? Do you want to prevent injury to stay on the field longer? If the answer is “yes,” the MOVEMENT EXPERTS at Health In Motion can make it happen! Call us today to find out more! 715-365-5252

Concussion Management

Concussion is an injury resulting from any action that causes the head to shake violently. This includes blows to the head AND situations where the head is not struck. It is a functional brain injury, and not structural, so imaging will not show damage. Physical therapy can be an integral part of recovering from a concussion. Through dizziness and balance training, headache management, and safe exercise progression, physical therapy can help to give the best environment for the brain and the body to heal itself. Call us today for more information on how we can help manage your concussion!

Fitness & Free To Play


We are committed to YOUR total fitness and health! We have fitness facilities available in our Rhinelander and Eagle River offices with 24/7 access. Ask us today about how we can help you reach your fitness goals!

Free To Play

Free to Play is a FREE movement literacy program guided by the movement experts at Health in Motion and implemented by teachers in local schools. Recognizing that everyone is an athlete - someone who perspires to inspire others, the program uses brief, self-paced videos focusing on movement, self awareness, and teamwork that have been shown to increase classroom engagement and learning. If you, or a teaching professional you know, are interested in learning more about this program, contact us today to see how we might Perspire and Inspire our youth together!