Success Stories

I can sleep almost the whole night through! WOOHOO!

Anne in Eagle River

I can walk a mile, get back to my aerobic exercise, climb stairs, get up from a chair without pain, and basically move without pain. All these things seemed impossible a few months ago! And I have no more backache!

Barbara in Eagle River

I can open my jaw and close it with no more popping or pain. Thanks Angie!

Brittney in Marshfield

I can move in ways I couldn't prior to my visits! Thanks Health In Motion!

Cindy in Eagle River

I can walk and dress without pain in my hip. Thank you Paul for listening to my concerns with pain. You were a blessing to me. You always had an answer for me. Sarah was a pleasure to see each visit. I will miss seeing you two, but will stop in from time to time. Thank you very much.

Debra in Crandon

I can move more freely and feel more confident walking on uneven ground. I have more stability and strenth. 

Diane in Merrill

I can continoue to pursue my athletic goal into college without fear of re-injury! Thank you so much for helping me reach my goals and become pain-free while accomdating my training and lateness!

Genevieve in Rhinelander

I can do things a lot better. My chest pain went away. It is nice to do things I couldn't do before. Thank you.

Grace in Merrill

Thank you Paul and Sarah, you and this place are the best. I can now bend my knee without pain. Thank God!! Paul has taught me what to do at home to help keep me on the right track.

Jacqueline in Crandon

I can walk much better and without the walker. I never miss a time to talk with Adam. He has done a great job!

Jalaine in Merrill

I can walk two miles a day after my total knee replacement.

James in Tomahawk

I can bend over and pick up my kids with no pain. I sleep better at night with no back pain. Thank you Tyler and Kameron!

Jared in Rhinelander

I can kneel down on my right knee again! No pain and I am walking almost as much as before. My back is doing much better. I am not as fatigued with exercises. My neck is awesome!

Judith in Rhinelander

I can reach behind me and tuck in shirts with ease. I have confidence to work out in the gym without shoulder pain. I can kayak without issues!!!

Ken in Wausau

I can drive my car without having anxiety at the stoplights. I can look at cars without motion sickness. Thank you for helping me with my stress levels. Thank you so much for everything.

Ladonna in Wausau

My knee hasn't felt this good in 30 years after one Neubie treatment!

Lee in Marshfield

I have learned from Adam how to manage occasional pain in my leg. I also know how to exit the bar stool without my leg locking up!

Linda in Merrill

I can sleep! Before, I couldn't sleep for 7 weeks after surgery on my knee. I found out I was too sensitive so they showed me and did the desensitization training. It really helped and the range of motion exercises were helpful. Thank you!

Lisa in Antigo

I can use my right arm again without being in tears. I have better range and can do things I couldn't have for 1 1/2 years...Thank you Whitney and Matt for all your help in my recovery.

Lorna in Tomahawk

I can resume my usual activity. Angie is an amazing Physical Therapist. Thank you for all your expertise.

Marilyn in Marshfield

I can say WOOHOO!! My knee is fantastic thanks to Ashley and the Health In Motion team! My range of motion is fantastic.

Melissa in Rhinelander

I can go a whole day without a headache!! People here are very knowledgable, kind and helpful. I would recommend Health In Motion to anyone.

Peggy in Eagle River

I highly recommend the services of the staff at Health In Motion! The regular measurements of my progress helped me to see the benefits of the exercises and protocols. Thanks!

Rita in Tomahawk

"I can do more activities that I enjoy with less pain. Austen was great to work with and did an excellent job of listening to my concerns and addressing my specific needs."

Robert in Antigo

Thanks Angie. I walked in with no pain in my left knee and hip today. I can walk and do so much more. I feel amazing!

Sharon in Marshfield