Success Stories

I can work outside with my arms and enjoy sports. Thank you H.I.M!

Allen in Rhinelander

I can start each day with confidence, increased energy, improved mobility, and greatly reduced pain. Everyday activities have become exciting again. Ryan and Kam are to be commended!

Barbara in Rhinelander

I can spend a lot more time doing activities with my daughter! I can do everyday activities and chores without any problems! After 20 years, I can plan activities I have never dreamt of being able to do - until now! Paul is Awesome!! Thank you!

Charli in Crandon

I can do my favorite thing without pain...delivering babies!

Crystal in Antigo

I can walk, bend and even get up off the floor!! Freedom! Thanks.

Debby in Eagle River

I can walk, run, climb with a great deal of less pain and stress on my back and knees. I can touch my toes without pain for the first time in years!

Dillan in Antigo

I can do much more. I am stronger. Nick has given me great ideas to continue to get stronger - a great team here! Thank you.

Donna in Antigo

I can feel safe and comfortable walking on uneven surfaces and up and down stairs. Even more important, NO MORE ANKLE PAIN! Thanks!

Emily in Marshfield

I can hold my wife without pain. I can also play with my dog! Thank you Gus and Jeanne!

Eric in Eagle River

I can say, as a retired therapist, that Jeanne is one of the best I have worked with as a patient and as a professional therapist. She listens, encourages, definitely cares!

Gloria in Eagle River

I can sleep! I don't wake up multiple times at night because fo arm pain.

Jane in Merrill

After one visit with Austen and doing my exercises, I was able to walk without crutches!!

Janet in Wausau

I have no headaches anymore. I am able to move my neck really well. I was discharged sooner than expected. Thanks.

Jason in Marshfield

Excellent results! I am walking farther and exercising longer! My pain level is decreasing! Thank you for a more active body.

Joan in Tomahawk

I can walk better! Thanks to Dr. Nick, he's great!

Joanne in Antigo

I can use the stairs painfree! I can walk a mile again and I look forward to summer evening walks.

Jolene in Marshfield

Jeanne is a miracle worker - BLESS YOU!!

Joyce in Eagle River

I can now walk without my cane! I can walk on the treadmill! Thank you Keri for all your help!

Judy in Wausau

I can get back to my roots: hiking, working out, hunting, enjoying the mountains, being my wife's handyman. My broken back is "back"! Thanks.

Kirk in Crandon

I was able to take down a large stump from my yard and shovel soil to fill in my lawn. Talk about manual labor! And at 85!

Lloyd in Wausau

I can go up and down stairs freely and confidently!

Maria in Eagle River

I can stand for longer times (20-25 minutes). I can shop now. I can play more with my grandkids.

Mary in Marshfield

I can enjoy life again! I'm more active and back to work! I'm enjoying exercise! I was able to go on a Mission Trip in the U.S. What a blessing that was! To the staff at Health In Motion, thank you! My heart is full of Gratitude for all of you!

Maureen in Tomahawk

I can sleep at night and I don't wake up with a pain scale at 10!! I can move without pain! Thank you!

Noel in Crandon

I can look forward to the coming Spring with joy knowing I can work in my garden with reasonable restrictions. I can perform all my usual household tasks without difficulty. I can bake for my friends, sew, sit at my desk and work at my computer. I can look forward to a more active, rewarding, fun life!

Orpha in Antigo

I can move again!! Thanks to Jeanne! I'm so happy!

Susan in Eagle River