How do you find Success in Physical Therapy?

Show up

♦ It's important to use the time scheduled efficiently so show up on time and ready to go!

Do your Home Exercise Program

♦ Performing your exercises outside of your Physical Therapy appointments is vital to achieving your goals and transitioning to independent management after treatment.

♦ Doing your exercises at home also lessens the time you will need to be at Physical Therapy appointments.

Have a Goal

♦ Setting goals for yourself helps keep you motivated and allows you to measure your success throughout your plan of care.

Communicate with your Therapist

♦ You and your therapist are a team working together to get you feeling better. We are in this together and often even small details help your therapist to paint a better picture on how to help you.

Take Care of Your Body

♦ Pain and dysfunction are never due to just one source. Your daily physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress, and mental health impact how you feel.

Keep Moving

♦ Simple exercise and movements help to reduce pain and live healthier. Go for a walk or shop around town. It doesn't need to be complicated to get good results.