Success Stories

When Andrew Grafelman came back from serving in the army with a knee injury, he turned to the experts at Health In Motion.

"I had worked with them back in 2002 when I hurt my back," Andrew said. Andrew worked with Dr. John Rugotzke and Amber Scholten, who had him feeling better in three weeks. "I thought they were awesome," Andrew said.

"They were more hands on than other places. They didn't just give you your exercises and tell you to go do them. They worked with you and if you had questions, they answered them up front." While the therapy was a great experience for Andrew, dealing with the rest of the staff at Health In Motion was just as painless.

"They were very accommodating," Andrew said.

"If you had a conflict or couldn't make it in the morning, they would just reschedule you in the afternoon, no problem. I would definitely recommend Health In Motion to anyone."

Andrew Grafelman

As a physical therapist for 26 years, I know that I can be a terrible patient when it comes to myself needing care. Case in point, a year ago I injured my thumb and tried to self diagnose and treat with very little success. I finally went to see a hand surgeon and he said I needed therapy for a grade 2 Arthritic condition of my thumb joint, which was so painful at the time limiting dressing and even turning a door knob. Tim evaluated me and treated my neck, shoulder, and then did dry needling to my thumb and I was blown away with how much was resolved in just one session. I would have never guessed that I could have such an improvement so quickly but his expertise in manual therapy was the real difference in my recovery and response to care given. Tim, I know in my own career as a physical therapist I have often said to myself "who is the doctor my doctor goes to when he needs care because that is the doctor I want to see." Well, I can honestly say Tim and his staff are the physical therapists that other physical therapists like me go to.

Brian Gallagher

Bruce Fraiser knows what to look for in a physical therapist. When his doctor told him to find a place to seek treatment for back and hip issues, he called Health In Motion because of all the good things he had been hearing about them. "I spent some time looking up the credentials of the therapists and I began working with John Rugotzke."

"I found John Rugotzke to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. His professional approach was outstanding. He was very thorough with me. When his treatment took me as far as I could go, he was very honest and told me so and did not keep me coming back with false hope of further improvement. I appreciated that professional integrity. On occasion, John consulted his colleague, Tim Thorson, on issues to determine the best route of care for me. While I appreciated that, Tim then took time out of his busy schedule to ask me how I was doing from time to time. He took a personal interest in me, too."

"The whole environment at Health In Motion is relaxed and professional. I would definitely recommend Health In Motion."

Bruce Fraiser

When Clarence Puza had back surgery and his doctor told him he would need physical therapy, he knew where to go. "I choose Health In Motion for my physical therapy," Clarence said.

"They did some work on my granddaughter who had pain from swimming and they fixed her right up and she is swimming like crazy."

"I had four months of no activity which was not good for my back muscles and having movement in my back," Clarence said.

But a few sessions with John at Health In Motion and Clarence started to feel better.

"He gave me exercises and worked with me to show me stretches," Clarence said. "After the first couple of visits, I started to feel better. Now I am back to where I was before my surgery."

"They are all professionals there," he said. "I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

Clarence Puza

Ed Foster was unfortunate to have experienced an auto accident which left him with hand and neck pain. On the advice of friends and family, he made an appointment with Health In Motion.

Ed had never had physical therapy in the past and his therapist at Health In Motion was John Rugotzke. "John was excellent. He never did anything just by routine but always listened to me and what I had to tell him. He adjusted things for me so that I had the shortest route for a faster recovery time. He is so knowledgeable and thorough and does an excellent job at explaining things. I improved quickly and am doing much better."

"My experience with Health In Motion was positive. They are very professional and very encouraging to your healthcare and recovery. They could accommodate my needs for having early appointments and I know they also offer late appointments, if needed. It is a caring environment and I would recommend them to anyone in need."

Ed Foster

I went to Health In Motion after I had surgery in November for a rotator tear. My doctor recommended therapy and I decided to go to Health In Motion. I made my decision based upon their reputation and referrals from friends. My goal was to regain the full range of motion in my shoulder with the shortest possible recovery time. Tim Thorsen worked with me initially to relieve the soreness and stress in my shoulder and took the time to explain my injury and the rehab process. I came away from therapy with my range of motion restored and a better understanding of how to prevent injuries in the future.

Ed Hall

When I walked in the door of Health In Motion I wasn't quite sure what to expect. What I found was a kind welcoming staff eager to work with me and willing to accommodate my busy schedule. Whitney provides phenomenal care that includes state of the art therapy techniques that are highly effective, she has a genuine concern and commitment to your overall well-being and quality of life. I strongly endorse and enthusiastically recommend Health In Motion of Tomahawk for your physical therapy needs.

James Mathwich

The therapy I received eliminated the need for back surgery.

James Polinski

I received professional, compassionate care from everyone involved at Health In Motion. My pain level was intolerable from a disc and sciatic injury. I was nonfunctional for weeks. The rehab process was slow but Whitney was encouraging and sensitive to my pain. I am now totally functional AND educated on how to avoid such pain in the future. Thank you Health In Motion!

Judy Sweet-Rydberg

I can proudly say that I had the privilege of working with Ben Solheim in Wausau last fall. For several years, I had been experiencing back and hip pain. I was not pleased with the treatment from other offices, for they offered only temporary relief. During each appointment with Ben I was able see improvement and walk out feeling better. I never was left questioning whether or not it was beneficial. I truly appreciate the time and patience he spent explaining the process to me; my understanding was valued. Ben demonstrated genuine care and concern and evidently was dedicated to reaching a positive result. Lastly, I would like to emphasize his impressive character of professionalism, empathy, and encouragement. I highly recommend Ben for anyone looking for personalized care, effective treatment and progressive results. I can say with confidence that without Ben's commitment to helping me, I would not be able to train at my desired level as I prepare to become a UW Madison athlete.

Maddie Mittelsteadt